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Thai Starter Kit Giveaway!

By: | 8 Comments | On: May 20, 2013 | Category : Giveaway

Thai Starter Kit

We want to load up your kitchen with some great Thai cooking & dipping sauces! Giveaway Includes: Green Curry Paste Masaman Curry Paste Panang Curry Paste Pad Thai Sauce Thai Spicy BBQ Sauce Seafood Sauce Sweet Chilli Sauce Chili Garlic Sauce Tom Yum Paste Fish Sauce Shrimp Paste Noodles for... more

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Best Pad Thai Cooking Videos

By: | 0 Comments | On: May 5, 2013 | Category : Thai Cooking

Pad Thai Noodles

Did you know Pad Thai is the most popular noodle dish in the world? It is a classic noodle dish found in every Thai restaurant and popular among vendors preparing Thai street food in Thailand. There are 100′s of recipe variations for making Pad Thai. We are constantly adding them... more

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What is Thai Eggplant?

By: | 0 Comments | On: May 4, 2013 | Category : Thai Ingredients

Thai Eggplant

Flavor of a Thai Eggplant Eggplants in general would be considered slightly bland relative to many other vegetables. They are excellent for absorbing the flavor of the dish in which they are prepared. With the sweet, salty and spicy flavors of Thai food these are excellent for cooking. It is... more

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What is in a Thai Restaurant Spice Tray?

By: | 0 Comments | On: May 4, 2013 | Category : Thai Cooking

Thai Spice Tray

Have you ever wondered what is in the spice tray at your local Thai restaurant? Depending on the restaurant this could change, but here are the top three items found in the Thai spice trays in restaurants. Dried Red Chilli Pepper Flakes Pickled Jalapeno in Vinegar Garlic Red Chilli Paste... more

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