Thai Herbs and Spices!

By: | 1 Comment | On: January 12, 2013 | Category : Thai Ingredients

Thai Herbs Spices

What separates Thai food from other foods is the mixture of various food ingredients including rice, meats, fish, vegetables and fruits together with various Thai herbs and spices found in Thailand. This unique combination is what makes Thai food stand apart from other cuisines. In particular it is the herbs... more

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Thai Food | USA vs Thailand

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USA vs Thailand

Thai food found in the United States is vastly different than the food found in Thailand, even in American restaurants that claim to be serving “authentic” Thai food and are owned and operated by Thai people. The reasons for the differences include the level of spiciness associated with the food,... more

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Thai Cooking Utensils Guide

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Thai Cooking Utensils

Thai cooking utensils and equipment are very similar to cooking utensils found in the United States, as well as other western countries, especially in larger cities and more affluent cities such as Bangkok where there are many very wealthy people. Bangkok is very similar to New York. As with New... more

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Thai Street Food

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Thai Street Food

The awesome Thai street food found throughout the country must have been behind the phrase “Amazing Thailand”. As soon as you arrive in Bangkok, you immediately notice the high heat and humidity as well as the wonderful smells of all sorts of food being cooked everywhere you turn. This was... more

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Beautiful Thai Food Photos

By: | 1 Comment | On: December 29, 2012 | Category : Thai Food Photos

Thai Coconut Soup

Here we showcase a collection of beautiful Thai food photos from around the web. These are some of the most popular Thai dishes including Pad Thai and Red Curry. Thai food is vibrant with colors and of course flavor. Thailand is known for their amazing stir-fried dishes. Here is a... more

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What is Fish Sauce?

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Thai Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce is a staple of Thai cooking. Opening a bottle of fish sauce and sniffing the inside is not as pleasant as enjoying it prepared in your dinner. Stinky! The unique production process of the sauce is often a mystery to those in the west. You probably wouldn’t want... more

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Ultimate Guide to Buying Thai Food Online

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Thai Food Shopping

Looking to buy Thai food online? We have the top 3 websites where you can purchase all sorts of Thai products to use for home cooking. We added a fourth just because we thought you should check it out! You should be able to find about any Thai cooking ingredient... more

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