What is in a Thai Restaurant Spice Tray?

By : | 0 Comments | On : May 4, 2013 | Category : Thai Cooking

Thai Spice Tray

Have you ever wondered what is in the spice tray at your local Thai restaurant? Depending on the restaurant this could change, but here are the top three items found in the Thai spice trays in restaurants.

Dried Red Chilli Pepper Flakes

Dried Red Chilli Flakes

Pickled Jalapeno in Vinegar

Pickled Jalapeno

Garlic Red Chilli Paste

Garlic Chilli Paste

If you are visiting a more “Authentic” style Thai restaurant you may find this tasty topping with the spice tray. If it is not on the tray ask your server and they will quickly make you some in the kitchen.

Prik Nam Pla

Prik Nam Pla

A combination of Fish Sauce, diced Thai chilli and a squeeze of lime.

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